Saturday, June 4, 2016

A new executive director is among us!

Presbyterian Elders in Prayer (PEP) was started by a small group of elders from two churches in Kansas City, MO. They got together to pray for the renewal and growth of the denomination. This happened in 1981. They kept meeting monthly and the inspiration came to them to recruit other elders from other churches to pray for the church. One of the Scriptures that inspired them was James 5:14. They felt that the denomination was ill and it was time for the elders to lay their hands of prayer upon the church and anoint her with the oil of their love and dedication. 

PEP began to grow as a major ministry starting in 1982 when it was approved as a Chapter Nine organization in the denomination. By 1990 the membership in PEP grew to be over 20,000 throughout the nation. God blessed us to have a full-time paid Executive Director, Rev. Ilona Buzick. PEP organized a few National College of Elders and were attended by elders and prayer-warriors from around the nation. We did some renewal weekends in churches and Presbyteries. 

When some of the founding elders of PEP died and went to heaven, we began to experience a decline in the membership and activities. Though we had the leadership of some very good volunteer Executive Directors, we kept on declining. We kept on praying for the Lord to do whatever He desires with this ministry. And the Lord brought a new volunteer Executive Director with a lot of experiences and insights. What a joy it is for me to introduce our new Executive Director, Miss Kristine Meyer. She started with editing our Prayer Newsletter. A lot more is in the work. 

Let us praise God for her and ask for His continued blessings upon her. 

Pastor Joe

President of PEP 

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