Wednesday, October 21, 2015

November 2015


I will never forget the inaugural meeting of Presbyterian Elders in Prayer back in the early 80s as Dorothy Haglage, Dick Lane, and Trigg Luce joined with Joe and me to commit ourselves to a prayer covering for our denomination.

Approaching four decades later and the graduation of Dorothy, Dick, and Trigg to paradise, Joe and I, along with a continuing board and you continue to kneel before the Lord in praise, confession, thanksgiving, intercession, supplication, petition, and silence.

While we’ve had a few bursts of programming and continue to provide opportunities for spiritual formation, the most basic reason for continuing has been to call the Body of Christ to prayer.

As Joe and I talked together on October 20, 2015 about the future of PEP, we concluded our most basic reason for continuing remains compelling.

We understand our call as a constant reminder to pray, a mustard seed ministry with awesome possibilities through increasing intimacy with the Lord, and reservoir of resources for the willing.

As our network has moved beyond the borders of one denomination to many others, we are refreshed in our passion for prayer and surrendering the whole Body of Christ not just one of the parts to Him.

We praise God for the privilege of continuing this prayer-advocating ministry with you and others who will be joining hearts with us in the future to the glory and praise of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Blessings and Love,

Joe and Bob

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