Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pep Talks 6/11/14

PEP Talks (6/11/14)

1. GA kicks off this Saturday and you're invited to join us in praying commissioners surrender all to Him in correspondence to Jesus by the book as encouraged by the Holy Spirit!

2. Our ED, moi, was thinking about being on site and available for prayer support/counseling during the most critical decision-making days next week; however, looking at our balance sheet and the lack of designated gifts for it, we will be in close communication of the proceedings via our personal as well as cyberspaced-out link to as we pray with you as noted in #1.  If funds appear miraculously in the next few days, we will alter the calendar and be available in person.

3. Checking out the next edition of KD (see below), the best sources of moment-by-moment coverage begging your interpretations will be provided by,, and

4. Many churches have told us that if things really go as expected in the next few weeks, they will be entering periods of discernment regarding continuing membership in the PCUSA.  Please remember we are available for on site prayer, counsel, and mediation.  While our ED is called to remain faithfully as documented over the years and below, he is available to assist pastors, elders, members, and churches who must discern His will for their future relationships with the PCUSA.

4. Mountaintop Cell(ular) Ministry continues on a daily basis.  Please send in your prayer requests to or leave 'em on the confidential prayer line shared by PEP and Belvidere's FPC on 815-544-3535.

5. Don't forget to click on for announcements and opportunities; and if you know someone interested in our snail-mailed newsletter, get those addresses to

6. "The Old Gray Dog Ponders" continues every Friday at 11:30 a.m. by clicking on  He is the best "Reformed" (ecclesia reformata, semper reformanda secundum verbum Dei) theologian known to me.

7. Joe continues every Friday with "Add a Little PEP" at 11:15 a.m. by clicking on

Blessings and Love!

P.S. And if you want to hear one of the most glorious renditions of "Amazing Grace," go to and click on the worship service for 6/8/14.  Really!  You will be blessed as He and His were during that service!  Really!  Don't miss it/Him!  To quote CK, "If you're down and troubled, and you need a helping hand, and nothing, oh, nothing is going..."  This will pick you up into His presence and, uh, amazing grace!  Get it to every commissioner!

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